Review Process

The manuscripts are all submitted by the author through Journal Nursing and Helath online system. The peer-review process as follows:

  1. The editor conducts an initial review of all manuscripts. The purpose of the initial review to make sure the manuscripts cover the focus and scope of Journal Nursing and Helath. And also to make sure there is no possibility of misconduct including authorship, ownership, and plagiarism;
  2. If the submitted manuscripts fulfill the first step, the submitted manuscript will be sent to two reviewers who do not have the potential conflict of interest. The peer-review process is blinded. The review process takes 2-4 weeks for each reviewer;
  3. The reviewers return the recommendation to the Journal Nursing and Helath editors. The recommendation provides the deliberation of the submitted manuscripts and also constructive comments which are minor or major revisions;
  4. The editors will send the reviewers’ recommendation to the author. The author has a maximum of one week for minor revision to improve his/her manuscripts. If the revision is major, the author may take longer to improve the manuscripts;
  5. The revision manuscripts from the author are sent back to the previous reviewer. (6) The final decision is lie on the Editorial Board.